COP III "Gene-alogy" | by Sheryll Hickman

Crane Title: “Gene” Ology”

by Sherryl Hickman

Sherryll HickmanArtist Statement

Sherryl has painted cranes on vases that are fired in a Kiln. Many vases Sherryl has produced for Brain cancer have sold very well at Auction.  She has showed her crane art on canvas at Tru Café, and has sold numerous works.  

Sherryl is an Espohogeal Cancer Survivor and Painted two big boots for the Cattlemen’s Ball.  One for Dr. Lewis with the cranes on it and one for a husband in Wood River who lost his young wife to cancer.  She painted a pink ribbon with a portrait of each of his 4 kids on it.

“I love to paint Cranes and watch the Cranes…I love to promote the Cranes.  I would hope to raise a lot of money for Cranes on Parade III.”  Sherryl Hickman

Cranes on Parades – Kearney Dawn Rotary Club – is delighted to have Sherry Hickman as one of our passionate Artist serving the community and making our world a better place to live!

Sheryll is a Cranes on Parade III artist from KEARNEY, NE

Sheryll painted “Days of Wine and Roses” for Cranes on Parade II.  The story of the Platte River and the landscape and scenery of Central Nebraska are incorporated into “Gene-alogy”

COP III crane “Gene-alogy” can be seen at and is sponsored by the Kearney Visitor’s Bureau

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