Crane Title:  “Carlotta – Illustrated Crane”

by Peg Fowler

COP III | Peg FowlerKearney Dawn Rotary Club – Cranes on Parade III is honored to have Peg Fowler as one of our premier COP Artists!

“First, I wanted to honor Martha Pettigrew’s powerful statue.  Then, I wanted to enhance it with my designs without diminishing Pettigrew’s original intent.”

Peg finally began to submerge her own ego and think of herself as a decorator, or “tattoo artist.”  Carlotta, then, became the “Illustrated Crane.”  “I hope I succeeded.” says Fowler.

Peg Fowler came to the Panhandle of Nebraska in 1999, escaping the urban sprawl of Denver, and fell in love with the land. Since then, she has been roaming the high plains, corn fields, and river bottoms, trying to capture the mystery of this sometimes stark and always beautiful country. She may have gotten older, but the lands and skies of Nebraska are ageless and always fascinating.

  • Peg Fowler is an award winning regional artist living and working in Harrison, Nebraska.
  • Peg Fowler is a dumpy elderly woman who spends most of her time alone scribbling on paper or chipping away on rock.
  • Peg Fowler is a self-centered woman who deliberately moved away from her children so that she could do her “own thing.”
  • Peg Fowler is a brilliant mainstream landscape artist with a number of solo shows to her credit. Her work is in collections across the United States. She works in Oil, Acrylic, pastel, pen and ink, and does some sculpture.

Peg Fowler was born in New York, and raised in Western Pennsylvania. She is the eldest of three children, attended Rocky Grove High School, and graduated from Penn State University with a BA in applied art. Mrs. Fowler was an active member of Nittany Grotto, and delighted in caves and outdoor activity.

Married and divorced, with two kids, Peg taught in the Denver Public Schools until her retirement in 1997. Somewhere in there she also got a Master’s degree from University of Denver. Peg has two grown children, four grandchildren and a number of Granddogs—all living in Minnesota/Wisconsin.

In 1999, Mrs. Fowler drove into the Panhandle of Nebraska at the invitation of friends, and fell in love with the land. That probably says it all. One doesn’t stay in isolated places, except for love of land and sky. Peg has both a house and a studio in the Village of Harrison. She’s been there since that first visit, with occasional excursions. Mountains and grandchildren exert considerable pull, and visits to New Zealand and Australia have been wildly inspirational, but her main artistic influences come from the wind and weather of high-plains Nebraska.

“Carlotta – Illustrated Crane” is sponsored by Turner’s Body Shop and is on display at CountryHouse Residence in Kearney, NE

Peg Fowler has paintings and sculptures in collections across the US as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Work can be viewed on line at, or on her Peg Fowler | Facebook art gallery.)

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