Crane Title: Brolga

by Lauren Thurman

2016-02-08 19.35.07Artist Statement:

As an artist, my style has evolved over the years. I enjoy pencil drawings, abstract paintings, photography and sculpture using recycled and found materials. I love to create artwork and swap work with fellow artists. For the last five years I have taught art in Texas and in Colorado all grades, kindergarten up to 9th grade.

Each year I have taught my students about Aboriginal art that comes from Australia. Aboriginals would paint stories using rough tools found in nature to make individual dots. Traditionally, aboriginals would paint only in neutral, earthy colors. In Australia a crane is called a Brolga, that is the name I have given my creation. This painting took over 150 hours and a few more hours working on the unique stand. The stand is to imply grass or brush that the Brolga is flying out of. I have also strung together a Rainbow neck piece for this graceful bird.

This is Lauren’s second piece of artwork for Cranes on Parade, having participated with Cranes on Parade II.  “Finders Keepers” was purchased by the Younes family and can be seen at Kearney’s Holiday Inn.


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