Title: Flyway

Artist: Jennie Kuzara

COP III | Jennie Kuzara

COP III | Jennie Kuzara

I have been an artist all of my life, dividing my childhood between reading and drawing.  Whatever paths I wandered down, the art was with me, fueling the journey.  Though a degree in accounting took me into a career as an auditor, many of my worksheets held small sketches and detailed vignettes.  I sold my first piece when in high school and have endeavored in the last few years to earn a part-time income from my artwork.   Working in both 2-D and 3-D, my pieces include bronze sculpture, art-to-wear, paper collage, pen and pencil drawings, and other mixed media works.  A technique that especially intrigues me right now is collaging a canvas with colored papers in vague shapes, then developing the picture with intricate pen sketches or doodles, similar to those that adorned my accounting worksheets.  This is what I propose to do on a 12″ crane. 

Cranes on Parade 3 came to my attention through Kearney residents, Martha and Del Pettigrew.  It seems like a fun way to help do good works in Kearney while furthering education about the cranes, their importance in the ecology, and what they mean to Nebraska.  The many photos of the birds silhouetted against a magnificent Nebraska sunrise or sunset captured my imagination.  I hope to do these justice in my interpretation on the surface of a crane statue.  An artist always has an opportunity for growth when challenged by a new medium or a surface beyond one’s comfort zone. 

Jennie Kuzura and her husband Mark live in Lincoln, NE.  Visit the Kuzara’s website at http://www.kuzarafinearts.com

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