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Crane Title: Taking Flight

Heidi RihaBy Heidi Riha

Heidi is a commercial artist from Omaha, NE.  Riha works with fused glass, and has produced produced finished art for many organizations and projects in Omaha and across the United States.

Heidi grew up in Georgetown and also near Morrison, CO. Still has strong family ties in CO and visits as often as possible. Heidi did much of her Art Studies in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she immersed herself in stained glass work. Upon her return to the USA, she continued to work in stained glass as well as design. 

In 2002 Heidi approached glass in a new light, using kiln formed glass to produce many new styles of draped and formed kiln glass to incorporate a bright, fun, and whimsical style.  Heidi finds joy is making people SMILE when they see her glass art creations!

Heidi has worked on several Omaha projects at the Joslyn Art Museum, VNA Art and Soup, Projects for local organization and her favorite is putting kid’s art in glass.  You can see some of Heidi’s other work at “The Color Red Show“, Spirits in the Wind Gallery and on her Facebook page

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