Crane Title: “Fashion’s Flight”

by Rivkah Addy-Raffaeli

Rivkah Addy-RafaeliRivkah is an artist who is proud of being a product Kearney Public School system. Rivkah Addy-Raffaeli is a teacher, teaching at Kenwood Elementary in Kearney, NE.

Rivkah has lived in Kearney since she was in the fourth grade, and exclaims “I have loved it ever since then.”

“My teachers here in Kearney were the best people I have ever known. I hope to carry on that legacy. Rivkah Addy- Raffaeli”

Rivkah enjoys hiking, rock climbing, running, spending time with her family, and of course ART! Rivkah was an artist for Cranes on Parade in 2003 painting a crane inspired by 19th Century artist Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”,

Fashion’s Flight by Rivkah Addy-Raffaeli | and can be visited at the sponsor Barista’s Daily Grind,

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Saturday, ​March 12, 2016
Elementary and High School
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