Cranes on Parade Artists

COP III Artist | Rivkah Addy-Raffaeli

Rivkah Addy-Raffaeli

COP III Artist | John Lillyman

John Lillyman

COP III Artist | Jacob Russell

Jacob Russell

COP III Artist | Claire Homan

Claire Homan

COP III Artist | Jeni Homan

Jeni Homan

COP III Artist | Heidi Riha

Heidi Riha

Stan Bigg | Stephanie Dickie | Susan Bigg

Stephanie Dickie (center)

Stan Bigg | Stephanie Dickie | Susan Bigg

Susan Bigg (right)

COP III Artist | Carolyn Jacobsen

Carolyn Jacobsen

COP III Artist | Misty Bosley

Misty Bosley

COP III Artist | Matha Pettigrew

Matha Pettigrew

COP III Artist | Sally Jurgensmier

Sally Jurgensmier

COP III Artist | by Susan Murray and Libby Clark

Susan Murray &
Libby Clark

COP III "Starry Night" | by UNK Art Society Students

UNK Art Society Students

COP III Artist | Peg Fowler

Peg Fowler

COP III Artist | Pat Weiderspan Jones

Pat Weiderspan Jones

COP III Artist | Hannah Hardin

Hannah Hardin

COP III Artist | Allie Kingsley

Allie Kingsley

COP III Artist | Dennis Morrison

Dennis Morrison

COP III Artist | Mikaela Richmond

Mikaela Richmond

COP III | Mark Kuzara

Mark Kuzara

COP III Artist | Sheryll Hickman

Sheryll Hickman

COP III Artist | Rhonda McClure

Rhonda McClure

COP III Artist | Abbi Kolar and Emily Frieden

Abbi Kolar &
Emily Frieden

COP III | "Blushing Bird" by Peyton "Mia" Rodriguez

Peyton “Mia” Rodriguez

COP III Artist | Larry Peterson

Larry Peterson

COP III Artist | Lauren Thurman

Lauren Thurman

COP III | Jennie Kuzara

Jennie Kuzara

The Kearney Dawn Rotary Club selected 2 International and 5 Local Causes as beneficiaries of COP III.
Safe Center   Museum of Nebraska Art   Himanchal Educational Foundation  buffalo_co_arc
Kearney Area Community Foundation Kearney Area Children’s Museum Mission II Haiti  audubon-rowe-sanctuary

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